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Water Tankers create havoc in Mala’s narrow roads as accidents and traffic chaos plague the locality



Panaji: The Mala community has reached a boiling point as water tankers are wreaking havoc in the narrow lanes, prompting locals to demand an immediate stop to their movement within the area.

Aditi Chopdekar, the ward councillor has shed light on the pressing issue, citing frequent accidents and traffic congestion as the primary reasons behind the community’s objection to these tankers.

She also said that the “People of the locality have also urged me to take action & to stop the water tankers creating serious obstruction on narrow roads”

The growing number of accidents involving water tankers has raised serious concerns among the residents of Mala. “These incidents are posing a threat to both motorists and pedestrians. The movement of water tankers are turning the roads into potential danger zones. The reckless driving and negligence displayed by some tanker drivers have proven to be detrimental to the safety and well-being of the community,” she lamented.

Adding to the chaos, tanker owners often park their vehicles right in the middle of the narrow roads, which is escalating traffic congestion in the area. Locals find themselves trapped and frustrated as these create bottlenecks, making it arduous for vehicles to pass through. The resulting gridlock not only disrupts the smooth flow of traffic but also poses serious challenges during emergencies.

What’s even more distressing is the confrontational attitude by some tanker drivers when asked to remove their vehicles.

The residents have joined hands in their demand for immediate action, urging the authorities to intervene and address the problems caused by these tankers.

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