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BJP-Backed Panel Sweeps Sanquelim Municipality Elections with 11 out of 12 seats



Sanquelim: The Opposition has faced a crushing defeat with Bharatiya Janata Party winning the Sanquelim municipal polls.

In the battle for prestige, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant secured another resounding victory over his arch rival from Congress, Dharmesh Saglani in this elections.

The BJP- backed panel saw an overwhelming show of support with 11 out of the 12 candidates winning over their competitors.

The winning candidates Yeshwant Madkar, Nikita Naik, Siddhi Porob, Rashmi Dessai, Praveen Blaggan (unopposed), Vinanti Parsekar, Brahmanand Dessai, Riaz Khan (unopposed), Anand Kanekar, Dayanand Boryekar, Deepa Jalmi, and Anjana Kamat are poised to take charge of the Council, which was managed by Saglani-backed panel for almost a decade.

This resounding victory for the BJP-backed candidates has demonstrated the party’s strong presence and popularity in Sanquelim, which has seen Sawant’s win as MLA since 2012.

“The newly elected council members, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, will work collectively towards the betterment of the municipality and address the needs and aspirations of the local residents,” a winning candidate said.

The Sanquelim Municipality elections have undoubtedly reaffirmed the BJP’s strong positiSanquelim sanquelim and set the stage for a promising future under their leadership.