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Goa Speaker Calls for Postponement of School Reopening on Election Counting Day



Panaji, May 30 — Goa Assembly Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar, along with opposition parties, has urged the government to postpone the reopening of schools by two days, originally scheduled for June 4, which coincides with the Lok Sabha election counting day.

Tawadkar stated, “I have requested Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to defer the reopening of schools by two days. We have received numerous calls from concerned individuals who believe the reopening should be postponed due to the election atmosphere and the involvement of teachers in election duties.”

The opposition parties had earlier advocated for delaying the school reopening, suggesting alternative dates like June 5 or 6. They emphasized that the academic year should begin smoothly without the complications arising from the election counting day, during which many teaching staff will be occupied with election duties.

“The academic year of children should start on a healthy note and not in a mess as many teaching staff will be deployed for counting,” the opposition stated.

The Lok Sabha elections for Goa’s two seats were conducted on May 7 during the third phase of polling. The demand for postponement aims to ensure a smooth and undisturbed start to the new academic year for students.


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