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Goa Tourism Department’s Sao Joao Event Draws Huge Crowd in Old Goa



Old Goa– The Goa Tourism Department’s Sao Joao celebration in Old Goa drew a phenomenal crowd on Monday evening, reaffirming its reputation as one of the most anticipated events in the region. Thousands of enthusiastic attendees gathered to partake in the festivities, which showcased the vibrant and dynamic culture of Goa.

The celebration, held at Helipad Dauji- Ella Old Goa, was a spectacle of traditional music, dance, and cultural activities that enthralled both locals and tourists. The event, famous for its lively atmosphere, featured authentic Goan cuisine and various engaging activities, making it a memorable experience for everyone present.

The massive turnout highlights the success and popularity of the Sao Joao celebration, cementing its place as a key cultural event that brings the community together in joyous celebration.

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