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Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte Addresses Beach Shack Deadlines and Tourist Safety Concerns



Beach Shack Deadline Decision Imminent

Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte responded to demands from shack owners to extend the deadline for removing beach shacks. Speaking to reporters, Khaunte stated, “The tourism department will make a decision by Monday after consulting the IMD and other relevant departments. In principle, we will not disrupt activities, weather conditions permitting.”

Tourist Safety and Quarry Drowning Incidents

Minister Khaunte also addressed the issue of drownings in abandoned quarries and other hazardous locations, emphasizing the need for personal responsibility among tourists. “Tourists should behave responsibly. Everyone must take responsibility for their own safety. Following several incidents, we have issued a circular to all residents and tourists, and we will post safety information on our tourism website. After the Chief Minister’s intervention, some departments have also instructed quarry owners to fence off dangerous areas. The government cannot be held accountable for everything. The loss of life is a significant tragedy. We urge the youth to visit safe spots and enjoy responsibly,” Khaunte urged.

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