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Panaji – There are Arrears of 1460 crores from Commercial, Industrial and Government Offices Consumers of the Electricity Department. Power Minister Ramkrishna alias Sudin Dhavalikar should first take steps to recover the amount from these Defaulters before checking Power Overloads of Common People, demanded CongressMedia Cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar.

Addressing a Press Conference at Congress House along with Sonal Malvankar, Vice President of Mahila Congress and Saee Volvoikar, General Secretary of Mahila Congress, Amarnath Panjikar slammed the Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar for protecting the Industrialists and Power Guzzlers and attacking the Poor People.

There are around 14,000 Defaulters of Electricity Bills under Commercial Category, 635 Defaulters of Electricity Bills under Industrial Category, 2669 Defaulters of Electricity Bills under Government Offices/Corporations/Aided Societies etc. and around 3480 Defaulters of Electricity Bills whose Arrears are more than One Lakh. The total amount of all these above category Defaulters is 1460.81 crores and this is pending from 2018-19 onwards, claimed Amarnath Panajikar showing replies to Goa Legislative Assembly in July 2023.

Government has spent 12,000 Crores on Power Distribution System from 2019 to 2023 but Power Interruptions continue. Recently, Verna and other Industrial Estates faced Power Outages for almost 3 days. Industries are facing this problem regularly.Households also don’t get uninterrupted Power Supply. Cities like Mapusa face frequent Power Cuts, stated Amarnath Panjikar.

It is shocking to know that around 75 people died due to Electrocution which includes Staff of Electricity Department from 2019 till date. Almost 50 Animals including Gomataas have died due to Electrocution, said Amarnath Panjikar.

Sudin Dhavalikar is making big talks about Underground Cabling in various parts of Goa. We want to ask him who is responsible for the Danger posed to the Common People due to Complete negligence of the Electricity Department in restoring the Roads during Monsoons in various parts of Goa. Who will take the responsibility if any untoward incident takes place due to huge pits dug on the roads and left open without any fencing, questioned Amarnath Panjikar.

There are Industrial Power Guzzlers who are making Loss to the State Treasury. I am surprised that Sudin Dhavalikar sits with Mauvin Godhino who was charged of facilitating Power Thefts by big industries by none other than former CM of Goa Late Manohar Parrikar. There are various Residential Apartments and Houses which are used as Homestays under Tourism. Power Minister should first check these Defaulters who are misusing the Domestic Power connections for Commercial Purpose, said Amarnath Panjikar.

There are various Industries who are doing Over Production by using more than Permitted Load of Power and sell products without billing causing loss to State Revenue. Sudin Dhavalikar should first act against these Power Guzzlers and Power Thefts by rich and mighty, demanded Amarnath Panjikar.

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