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Political Reservation for Scheduled Tribes: Chief Minister called upon to take up issue with Centre



Panaji: A delegation of ‘Mission Political Reservation for Scheduled Tribes of Goa’ along with Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar on Friday called on Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to discuss the long pending demand of Political Reservation for Scheduled Tribes of Goa.

The delegation briefed the CM about the constitutional obligations of the State and Central Govt towards Scheduled Tribe communities of Goa.

ST leader Rupesh Velip said the Scheduled Tribes of Goa are kept deprived of their constitutional right of political reservation. This was recently also brought to the notice of the Govt by Kirit Solanki Chairman of Parliamentary committee for SC/ST during their recent visit to Goa, the delegation informed the CM.

The delegation then requested the CM to submit a proposal in this regard to the Central Govt to direct the election commission to take up the long pending issue of political reservation for STs and provide justice to the Gawada, Kunbi and Velip communities.

Velip said the CM was also requested to inform about the same to the Prime Minister and Ministry of law and justice.

He said the CM has assured the delegation that he will look into the matter.

Adv Joao Fernandes, Ravindra Velip, Rupesh Velip, Govind Shirodkar and Joseph Vaz were part of the delegation.