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Panaji Stands in Solidarity: Candlelight March for Israel-Palestine Peace



In a powerful display of unity and compassion, “Goans for Global Peace” organized a candlelight march in Panaji, Azaad Maidan on 28.10.2023, bringing together members of the community to express solidarity with the victims of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The event, held on 28th October at 6:30 PM, took place at Azad Maidan and lasted for approximately one hour.

With the objective of sending a resounding message of peace and unity, the candlelight march drew participants from all walks of life, transcending differences in backgrounds and perspectives.
“Goans for Global Peace,” a non-political organization, emphasised its commitment to promoting peace without taking sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Participants, holding lit candles, walked peacefully along the periphery of the Azad Maidan creating a beautiful and poignant spectacle. The event not only provided an opportunity for community members to express their support for global peace but also fostered a sense of togetherness and solidarity among the residents of City.

Around 100 people were present for the event. Adv Prasenjeet Dhage was the Convenor of the program. Among the prominent speakers were: Praveen Gangurde, Savio Coutinho, Subhash Kerakar, Madhu Naik, Elvis Gomes, Asif Hussain. Various NGOs and not for profit Institutions participated in the event.
The Program began with Convenor Adv. Prasenjeet Dhage giving an introduction. “The world suffers a lot not due to the violence of bad people but due to the silence of good people. I am glad that people took the time to gather for the candle march. We are neither supporting Israel nor supporting palestine we are here for the victims of the conflict. The war has killed more than 7000 people we are here to pray for them. Mahatma Gandhi gave us powerful tools like satya and ahimsa we can use these tools to combat war and bring peace in the world. India under the principles of Gandhiji can teach the world to be peaceful,” Dhage said

The next speaker was Asif Husain who, explained the history of Israel-Palestine conflict. He emphasized the need for global peace and said that te United States has been interfering in the ongoing conflict. He went on to say that, “innocent people have died in the war, people who have no interest in complex geo-politics. It appears that international organisations have completely failed to bring peace. All diplomatic talks have failed world leaders have failed us. We need to come together collectively and create ripples across the world to bring peace.”

The next speaker, Praveen Gangurde who is a psychotherapist, he spoke about the psychological impact of the war. He said, “ When war takes place it creates the atmosphere of fear among the public. This hampers the day to day functioning of people not only the warring countries but the world at large feels the stress of the war, this in turn increases psychological patients”

Elvis Gomes, spoke the role of few international businessmen who profit from war, “We have come together to pray for the lost lives. Wars like these take place for the benefit of the few. Huge amount of arms and ammunation gets sold through war. Many capitalists profit from war which is absolutely wrong and should be stopped”

The programme was concluded with Subhash Kerkar giving vote of thanks to all the gathered people.