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Mopa airport will also benefit Vengurla-Konkan: Maha Speaker Rahul Narwekar



Panaji, Oct 25 Maharashtra Assembly Speaker, Rahul Narwekar, on Tuesday said that Mopa airport coming up in north Goa will also benefit Maharashtra for tourism.

While speaking to reporters after meeting his counterpart Ramesh Tawadkar in Goa, Narwekar added that as this airport is on the Goa-Maharashtra border, it will benefit both the states.

“Mopa airport will be beneficial to the people of Goa as well as to Maharashtra as it is on border of both the states. It will be a gateway to tourism. From Vengurla to North Konkan (in Maharshtra), there are many tourism spots. This airport will help to develop these spots,” he said, adding this project is very important.

The distance between Mopa airport to Vengurla in Maharashtra is nearly 43 km.

According to Narwekar, it will be easier for tourists to visit these places after arriving in north Goa.

“Even it will be best to land in north Goa. It will benefit north Goa. Hence we are eagerly waiting for the commissioning of this airport,” he said.

Goa Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte had recently said that Goa has challenges with respect to tourism, from Sindhudurg belt (in Maharashtra) and had added that his department is rightly taking steps to promote water sports and eradicate illegal touts so that no tourists are affected.

“If we don’t act right, then we may suffer in regards to tourism. Tourists may start going to neighbouring states,” Khaunte had said.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in August had said that work of Mopa International Airport in Goa will be completed by October 23 and later will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Goa government had initially planned to inaugurate the greenfield International airport at Mopa between August 15 to 30, however it was delayed.