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Goa Youth Congress President Joel Andrade Faces Criticism Over Silence on Recent School Accident and Smart City Issues



Joel Andrade, the Youth Congress President and Councillor of CCP in Goa, is under scrutiny for his silence on the recent accident at People’s High School and perceived inaction on Smart City matters. Former Mayor and CCP Councillor Uday V. Madkaikar calls for action, suggesting either resignation or removal. Varad Mardolkar’s commendable work is highlighted, emphasizing the need for effective leadership in the Youth Congress.

Former Mayor and CCP Councillor Uday V. Madkaikar have made a statement saying “Goa youth Congress President Mr. Joel Andrade who is also Councillor of CCP is silent on recent accident took place at People’s High School, as an youth Congress President he has been totally failed to raise the issue of the current Smart City work. Useless President should tender his resignation from his post or he should be Sack from his post. People are appreciating the excellent work done by Varad Mardolkar as an Youth Congress President, after Mauvin Godinho’s excellent work as an Youth Congress President Varad Mardolkar’s name party should never forget. Congress Party should immediately take action against the present non performing Youth Congress President.