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Health Minister Shri Vishwajit Rane Unveils Vision for Upcoming Health Centre in Porvorim



In response to the requests from Minister for Tourism and IT Shri Rohan Khaunte, Health Minister Shri Vishwajit Rane announced the unveiling of a comprehensive health center in Porvorim. The Health Department was granted a 2000 sqmt plot of Housing Board land near the old market in Porvorim last year, and Shri Khaunte urged the establishment of a new Health Centre at this location.

The upcoming Primary Health Centre in Porvorim is set to offer a range of facilities, including a complete OPD, emergency services, trauma center, gynecological care, physiotherapy, and a fully operational day care center with a comprehensive pharmacy. Shri Rane highlighted the government’s plans to include a dedicated 50-bed dialysis unit within the premises.

Emphasizing Goa’s commitment to providing free medical services, Shri Rane stated that the state remains the only one with such a progressive healthcare initiative. He mentioned the provision of essential treatments like insulin and medications for cardiac patients free of charge.

Addressing health concerns, particularly the rise in blood pressure problems and strokes among those aged 25 to 35 due to lifestyle shifts, Shri Rane urged youngsters to understand the importance of respecting their own lives.

Shri Rohan Khaunte highlighted that Porvorim will be the exclusive location in Goa with a standalone Dialysis unit. The allocation of the 2000 sqmt plot near the old market to the Health Department last year paved the way for the construction of this new Health Centre.

Smt. Kavita Naik, ZP Member, Shri. Sapnil Chodankar, Penha De Franca, Sarpanch, Smt. Sonia Pednekar Sarpanch V. P Socorro, were also present at the event. Dr. Shikhander Talwar, Medical Officer Incharge of Porvorim Health Centre, gave the welcome address, and Dr. Geeta Kakodkar, Director of Directorate of Health Services, along with Shri Shekhar Sardessai, Managing Director of Kineco Kaman Composites Pvt. Ltd, also spoke on the occasion.