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Goa Forward Party President Vijai sardesai Questions Fate of 25Cr Allocated for EV Infrastructure as Power Minister Seeks Private Investors



Panaji: Government Struggles to Secure Investors for EV Charging Station Infrastructure, Despite Growing EV Adoption in Goa

Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar recently revealed that setting up an electric vehicle (EV) charging station costs approximately Rs 20 lakh. However, despite the enthusiastic response of Goans towards electric vehicles, the government is facing challenges in attracting investors to develop the necessary charging station infrastructure, as disclosed by the minister on Monday.

In response to the minister’s statement, Vijai Sardesai, the President of the Goa Forward party, expressed his concerns on Twitter. He questioned the whereabouts of the allocated 25 crore rupees, as the Chief Minister of Goa had previously announced this amount in the annual budget specifically for the development of EV infrastructure. Sardesai raised suspicions about whether these funds had been diverted for other purposes, such as an event or renovation project. He also criticized the Power Ministry for lacking substantial contributions towards EV development, instead focusing on ineffective and half-hearted schemes only documented on paper.

Challenges Arise in Attracting Investors for EV Charging Stations Despite Goa’s Growing EV Adoption, Raising Questions about Allocated Funds