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Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar Demands Urgent Action on Ammonia Leakage: Threatens Protests Against Zuari Agro Chemicals



Mormugao, 6 June 2023 – In the wake of an alarming ammonia leakage incident at Berth no 8 in the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA), Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar has issued a stern warning to Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited (now Paradeep Phospates Limited). Amonkar stated that he would mobilize people and block all transportation of Ammonia to and from the port if the company’s negligence, which he referred to as “dadagiri,” continues.

Expressing grave concern for the safety of the local community, Amonkar emphasized that the Ammonia storage tanks near densely populated areas posed a severe threat, referring to them as “ticking time bombs.” He noted that residents of Mormugao lived in constant fear due to the proximity of these hazardous tanks.

Amonkar revealed that he was alerted to the leakage incident by locals while Ammonia cargo was being unloaded at the port. He reiterated his long-standing demand for mock drills to assess safety parameters and disaster preparedness. Despite raising the issue in the assembly, Amonkar expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of information regarding the execution of mock drills, stressing the importance of public participation to ensure awareness and preparedness in emergencies.

Highlighting the potential consequences of mishandling Ammonia, Amonkar acknowledged that, thankfully, the leakage from the ship had been controlled without major casualties. However, he questioned the accountability in case of a disastrous event and urged the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA) to reconsider allowing such dangerous cargo in the port. Additionally, he raised concerns about the illegal transportation of Ammonia, citing the absence of safety measures during road transportation. Amonkar demanded that every tanker carrying Ammonia be accompanied by a fire brigade and an escort to address potential emergencies.

Expressing his determination to safeguard the lives of the people, Amonkar warned Zuari Agro Chemicals against taking the community for granted. He declared his readiness to take stringent measures, including organizing protests alongside concerned citizens, if the company fails to address safety concerns and continues its negligent practices.

The urgent call for action by MLA Sankalp Amonkar underscores the pressing need for accountability and measures to protect public safety. The lives and well-being of the residents of Mormugao cannot be compromised, and it is imperative that immediate steps are taken to rectify the hazardous situation.