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Focus on Western Grid and Solar Power, Not Tamnar Project, Says Congress Leader Amarnath Panjikar



Panaji – Amarnath Panjikar, Chairman of the Congress Media Department, has urged Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar to shift his focus from the Tamnar Project to obtaining power from the Western Grid and promoting solar power generation in Goa. Speaking at a press conference at Congress House in Panaji alongside Mandrem Block President Narayan Redkar and Saligao Block President Atul Naik, Panjikar criticized the BJP Government for environmental damage linked to the Tamnar Project.

Panjikar stated that the INDIA Government, upon taking office in June, would scrap the three linear projects, including the power transmission line, which have been detrimental to the environment, forest, and wildlife. He accused the BJP of neglecting existing infrastructure that could bring power from the Western Grid to Colvale and onward to Xeldem Power Station, which would mitigate environmental impact.

He highlighted the Karnataka Congress Government’s decision to conserve forest land by rejecting the Goa Tamnar Power Project proposal, contrasting it with the BJP’s approach in Goa. Panjikar also pointed out the government’s failure to promote solar power, citing the Power Minister’s disclosure of a mere 46.97 Mega Units of solar power generated in Goa.

Panjikar criticized Dhavalikar for not addressing the electrocution deaths of government staff, citizens, and animals despite significant spending on power infrastructure. He also demanded a timeline for recovering 1400 crores in unpaid electricity bills from industrial, commercial, and government consumers, contrasting it with the disconnection of domestic connections over small unpaid amounts.

In conclusion, Panjikar expressed confidence that the Tamnar Project would not materialize and emphasized the Congress-led INDIA Government’s commitment to meeting Goa’s power needs through alternative, environmentally-friendly sources.

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