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State Government’s Empty Promises on Employment: RGP Chief Manoj Parab Criticizes Recruitment Practices



Panaji, May 22 – Manoj Parab, Chief of the Revolutionary Goans Party (RGP), expressed strong criticism during a press conference in Panaji regarding the recruitment practices of Indico, which he claims overlook Goan candidates in favor of non-locals. Parab noted that this issue had previously been halted due to the intervention of the RGP, but has resurfaced with the company once again prioritizing non-Goans.

Parab accused the state government of failing to implement effective employment programs despite organizing numerous events and job fairs. He emphasized that these efforts are mere publicity stunts aimed at exploiting the youth’s desperation for jobs, without offering any real opportunities. The government spends crores on these events, promising jobs that never materialize, thus displaying a blatant disregard for the educated yet unemployed youth of Goa.

Parab further criticized the BJP government for misleading both male and female job seekers with false promises of employment, often tied to political affiliations. Despite having prestigious educational institutions and industrial estates with advanced technology, the state continues to witness a high number of unemployed educated youth. Parab highlighted that the BJP’s initiatives, such as ‘Developed India’ and ‘Self-Sufficient Goa,’ are merely superficial, as the government appears more interested in providing jobs to non-locals.

The RGP Chief lamented that genuine Goans, who have sacrificed their lands for the government’s projects, have received no justice. Instead, they are left landless, homeless, and jobless. He accused the government of using Goans for their political gain without providing any substantial benefits.

Looking ahead to the upcoming monsoon session of the assembly, Revolutionary Goans Party MLA Viresh Borkar plans to reintroduce the POGO bill. The bill aims to secure the rights of Goans, including land, employment, and other entitlements. Parab called on all legislators to support the bill and help preserve the existence of Goans. Additionally, he warned companies, including Indico, against continuing their unfair recruitment practices that favor non-locals over Goans.

In conclusion, Parab demanded immediate action to halt the recruitment biases and ensure fair opportunities for Goans in their homeland.

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