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Mahila Congress objects ‘Mukhyamantri Gurudakshina Yojana’, terms it as self- propagate agenda of BJP



Panaji, May 6: Taking strong objection to “Mukhyamantri Gurudakshina Yojana”, Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress on Saturday questioned the motive of the government behind asking institutions to open accounts in Axis bank, which is not a nationalized bank.

GPMC President Beena Naik on Saturday addressed a press conference and said that the BJP government is trying to self-propagate by implementing this scheme.

Vice President Renuka Desai, General Secretaries Saee Volvoikar, Pelajia Raposo and Panjim Block President Lavinia Dacosta were present.

“Is this decision taken by the government to please any banker wife of BJP leader holding post in Axis bank? or how suddenly the old tradition is changed and the government puts its full faith in the private sector bank,” Beena Naik questioned

Naik said that “Mukhyamantri Gurudakshina Yojana”, which is implemented for grant-in aid schools, wherein their salaries would be processed in online mode through Axis bank is wrong to shift from nationalized bank to private sector bank.

“Why the government is changing the present setup of disbursing salaries from nationalized banks to private sector banks. The nation has witnessed how 28 persons have looted banks of India. This government has done nothing to book them. More than ten thousand crores are looted,” she pointed out.

She said that BJP had promised to bring back black money and deposit 15 lakhs in accounts of Indian citizens not deposited. “Where has the money gone,” she questioned.

“Double engine government is a self-propagate government, who used a photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Covid vaccination certificate. In Congress tenure we never did such things,” she said.

“During vedic period Gurudakshina was given by Eklavya to Drondacharya. It was given by respect. There are many cases pending of teachers, which are not resolved, then how can you call this as Guru Dakhshina,” Beena Naik questioned.

“Is the salary paid from the pockets of the Chief Minister or from state coffers (revenue). It should be called ‘ ‘Lok Dakshana’’ and not Mukhyamantri Guru Dakhshina,” She said.

“What hidden plan does the government have after this scheme? Are they trying to campaign for the next election using photos of their leaders,” she questioned.

She also pointed out that while opening a savings account in a nationalized bank only Rs 1500 is charged, which includes Rs 500 for insurance, while private banks charge Rs 5000. “If account holders fail to maintain Rs 5000 on their account then they will be fined for that,” she said.

Beena Naik demanded that the government should not change the present setup by shifting accounts to private banks from nationalized banks

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