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Margao – BJP Government in Goa is the only Government to receive “Certificate of Corruption” from the Governor, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Lokayukta. The Cabinet Ministers and the Ruling MLAs have also exposed Corruption of their Colleagues. High Court and Supreme Court have slammed Unconstitutional, Undemocratic working of the BJP Government during Panchayat and Municipality Elections. We Congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for these achievements of the successive BJP Governments in Goa, stated Congress President Amit Patkar while taking a sarcastic jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a Press Conference at Margao along with Media Department Chairman Amarnath Panjikar, South Goa President Savio D’Silva and ST Incharge Ramkrishna Jalmi. Congress President Amit Patkar fired salvos on the BJP Government at the Center and the State. He said BJP’s “Vikasit Bharat” is like the famous Konkani saying “Ghar Modun Maatov Ghalop”. They have erected a Pandal by shifting the Bus Stand at Margao causing inconvenience to the People.

Goa received distinction from NITI Aayog headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Highest Unemployment Ratio in the Country. Will the PM Narendra Modi complement the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant for the Unemployment in Goa? questioned Amit Patkar.

The Central Government headed by PM Narendra Modi murdered our Lifeline Mother Mhadei. I appeal to PM Narendra Modi to make an announcement of withdrawal of the approval given to DPR of Kalasa Bhandura Project of Karnataka. I also urge him to declare Mhadei Wild Life Sanctuary as Tiger Reserve. Prime Minister imported Cheetahs from South Africa, let us protect our Local Tigers, said Amit Patkar.

I urge the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to scrap Three Linear Projects which have converted Goa into a Coal hub & destroyed the Bio-Diversity rich Western Ghats, Bhagwan Mahaveer Wild Life Sanctuary and caused severe damage to the livelihood of the People residing along South Western Railway Tracks. BJP Government overruled the objection of their own CM Manohar Parrikar and gave approval for River Nationalization. This was done by former CM Parsekar under pressure from PM Modi, claimed Amit Patkar.

Goa has become the favorite “Murder Destination” of Criminals in India and Abroad. Homestays and Resorts are getting converted into Heavens for Killers and Murderers. Mother travels to Goa to kill her own Son. Investigations are still not complete on the death of Sonali Phogat due to suspected high drug dose. Dead bodies are transported out of the State without the knowledge of the police. Wife & Mother in Law are burnt alive by Gas Leakage faul play. Husband kills her Wife at Cab de Ram. Siddhi Naik Murder Mystery still remains unresolved, pointed Amit Patkar.

Tall claims of huge Grants released to Goa by BJP Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi fall flat with the Liability on the State going up from 5000 Crores in 2012 to 36000 Crores in 2024. This has resulted in a Loan Burden of 2.20 Lakhs on each Goan.

Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi ask the Crony Defaulters like Vedanta, JSW and Adani who will be part of his “Vikasit Bharat Rally” to pay the long pending dues of the State Government or will he announce “Waivers” to please his Patrons, questioned Amit Patkar.

Why South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha is sidelined from the Vikasit Bharat Rally publicity material? questioned Amarnath Panjikar. He also blamed BJP for causing inconvenience to the small vendors at Margao Bus Stand by depriving them their livelihood by shutting the Bus Stand.

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