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Ramtale locals misled into filing complaint against me: Aldona MLA



Panaji: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira stated that some villagers of Ramtale have been misled into filing a complaint of illegal construction against him, and added that he possesses all approvals from the authorities.
He was responding to the complaint filed with the local panchayat by some villagers of Ramtale, Aldona against him.
The complaint states that Ferreira’s house (survey no. 156/1) at Cuxem, Corjuem at Aldona was constructed without obtaining conversion sanad, panchayat construction licence, TCP and health department approvals. The complaint also states that a public road has been blocked and an illegal compound wall has been constructed above the permissible limits as per the Goa building laws.
“I feel sad that the Ramtale villagers have been misused to file the complaint against me. This issue stems from a person Amar Mandrekar, who used to be the PA of former Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo. In the Pomburpa matter, I supported the villagers against the illegality, and I ensured the work was stopped. I later learned that Mandrekar was the contractor for the project. Hence, he decided to take revenge against me for this,” Ferreira said.
Ferreira also said that the locals of the ward at Ramtale are upset over the MRF shed issue.
“I have not spoken about the issue as the matter is between the panchayat and the high court. I had only given my land to the panchayat to put up an MRF shed. The panchayat had asked the comunidade for the land, which was given. In response to this, a big meeting was held and Mandrekar held a video presentation claiming my house was built illegally. Now, he has hidden in the background and has made the villagers file the complaint. I have nothing against the villagers,” the MLA explained.
Ferreira pointed out that his house and compound wall were built more than 10 years back with all permissions.
“As and when the panchayat issues me a notice, I will give a reply refuting these allegations and prove that nothing illegal has been done,” he said.
Ferreira also said that one BJP functionary who stays in Corjuem had applied for documents under RTI of his house and compound wall, and obtained all the papers.
“He has been part of the movement of the Ramtale villagers, and if he is suppressing these facts from the locals, then I feel sad for these people who have filed this complaint. I can actually take them to task but I am not revengful. Mandrekar is misleading the villagers, and is causing them stress and tension which they are facing right now. The final blame will lay at his doorstep,” Ferreira said.