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Vishwajit Targetting 50k Crore rupees through conversions, withdraw three amendments to TCP Act which are diluting Regional Plan: Girish Chodanakar



Panaji: Alleging that Town and Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane has converted two lakh square meters of land in last six months, Congress leader Girish Chodankar on Sunday vociferously stated that former is targeting to make Rs 50 thousand crore by using TCP sections 17 (D), 17 (2) and farmhouse policy to convert land of Goa.

“Just imagine the greed Rane has to earn money by selling Goa. No responsible person having a conscience will allow such destruction of the state. He is doing this definitely with the support of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who also is famous for buying and selling properties,” Former Congress Chief Chodankar said, addressing a press conference in Panaji.

General Secretary Pradip Naik, Media chairman Amarnath Panjikar and Mandrem Block president Narayan Redkar were present.

He said that corrupt BJP government is trying to dilute the Regional Plan by using 17 (D) (changing zone), 17 (2) (to correct error in Regional Plan and seek settlement) and Goa Regulation of land development and Buidling construction act (farmhouse). “We demand that these three anti-Goa amendments should be withdrawn immediately to save Goa from land sharks, if the government fails to do so then it will be clear that they want to loot and are working against the interest of Goa,” he said, adding Goa will be finished in next five to ten years if government ignore this demand.

“We are emotionally connected with our land, which is remained very limited now as politicians in power have sold it to land sharks. Many politicians are involved in it,” he said.

“Regional Plan concept has been ruined by the BJP government. In past agitations to save our land has taken place, be it by Goa Bachao Abhiyan during the Congress regime. It is because we have love for our land. However, Vishwajit Rane has good expertise with land conversion,” Chodankar said.

“Since last six months 2 lakh square meter land has been converted using section 17 (2). It is done on suitcase to suitcase basis. Rane is using three amended sections to loot the land. However, people of Goa should be vigilant, how people of Pernem agitated to scrap Zoning plan,” he said.

“We need to note one thing that Rane has said that by error six crore square meter land is listed in Regional Plan as paddy field, orchard, eco sensitive zone or green zone. This means he is trying to convince the people that this area has to be corrected, so the people don’t agitate,” Chodankar pointed out.

He alleged that Rane was eying to earn Rs 5 thousand crore from the Pernem Zoning plan alone. “He has scrapped it only because people agitated, and it will impact on Lok Sabha election. Post poll he may come up with other conspiracy to sell land from Pernem,” he said.

He also read the minutes of the TCP Board meeting, which decided to prepare a zonal plan for Sattari Taluka, Bicholim Taluka, Reis Magos, Parra, Usgao, Kdamba plateau, Assagao Nerul, Moira, Camurlim, Colvale, Anjuna and Siolim.

He said that using the amendments, Farmhouses are build with all the facilities spending crores of rupees. “Do our farmers have capacity to spend crores on farmhouse? and why farms need big farmhouses, this is a trick to convert the land and loot money. Chodankar displayed an approved plan of evidence of several such farmhouses.