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Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte must focus on Making “Tourist Safety & Security Policy-2022” on Priority- Amit Patkar



Panaji – There is no system in place to monitor activities at various touristic locations in Goa which has resulted in indiscipline and fatal accidents. Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte must focus on making Tourist Safety and Security Policy on Priority demanded Congress President Amit Patkar.He was reacting to the incident of Collapse of Bridge at Dudhsagar Waterfalls which endangered lives of 40 tourists who were rescued later.Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte should focus on putting his department in order before intruding into scope of other departments. Jetty Policy can be handled by Captain of Ports or River Navigation Department, let Tourism Department perform its duties responsibly, advised Amit Patkar.Why Tourism Policy is not implemented effectively? What happened to the Goa Tourism Master Plan? What is the status of Swadesh Darshan Projects? What happened to the much hyped Hot Air Balloons? Where is the Amphibian Vechicle? Where are the Hopon-Hopoff buses? Where are the Helicopters? Where are the Sea Planes? Tourism Minister must first give answers to these projects which were launched by BJP Government, demanded Rohan Khaunte.People of Goa also want to know what happened to the Beach Cleaning Scam which Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte had exposed in the Goa Legislative Assembly when he was the Opposition MLA, stated Amit Patkar.There are lot of illegalities happening on the Goa beaches and other tourist destinations. Illegal homestays business has flourished with the blessings of people in power. Tourism Department officials are involved in Event Management Scams. There is huge corruption in Marketting & Promotional Events. Tourism Minister should set his priorities right before trying to please Crony Capitalists of Modi, Amit Patkar said.Congress Party will not allow BJP Government to bulldoze the sentiments and aspirations of Goans. We will fight tooth and nail to protect Identity of Goa, stated Amit Patkar.