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Dr Pramod Sawant’s BJP Govt. Contributed to India’s 107th Position in Global Hunger Index- Amit Patkar



Panaji – As BJP Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s friend Gautam Adani became second Richest Person in the World, India ranks 107 out of 121 Countries in Global Hunger Index 2022. Goa Chief Minister Dr.Pramod Sawant’s Government allowed tonnes of Toor Dal & Sugar to rot & contributed to India’s ranking, charged Congress President Amit Patkar.The sharp contrast in the Socio-Economics of India is due to anti-people policies of the BJP Government in last eight years. Alarming rise in unemployment rate is also the cause of starvation, pointed Amit Patkar.Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given solgan of “Na Khaunga, Na Khaane Dunga”. Today the second part of the slogan has turned into reality, stated Amit Patkar.The BJP Governments in Goa, Haryana and other States also contributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s endeavour to promote his friend to be the second richest person in the world by pushing India to 107th position by allowing tonnes of foodgrains to rot and waste, claimed Amit Patkar.The wastage was deliberately done to facilitate Crony Capitalists to import food grains like Toor Dal and earn fortunes. The statistical data has exposed the Pro-Rich and Anti-Poor agenda of the BJP Government, Amit Patkar said.People should think of the gameplan of the BJP. The capitalists are funding BJP to buy MLA’s who inturn help them in pushing their proposals of mega projects causing destruction to environment, forest, wildlife. Poor people suffer in the bargain, said Amit Patkar.