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Panaji: AICC Media Incharge and CWC Member Pawan Khera on Thursday said that Goa is the Jewel of our Country and Congress will not allow BJP to convert it into a Coal Hub, stated Congress Media Cell Chairman Pawan Khera.

Pawan Khera on Thursday addressed a Press Conference in Congress House and appealed to people to take a wise step to save Goa.

GPCC President Amit Patkar, AICC Media Incharge Harshad Sharma, GPCC Vice President Sunil Kawthankar and Media chief Amarnath Panjikar were present.

“After second phase of Lok Sabha election Prime Minister Narendra Modi is afraid of defeat. Hence he has started to spread more lies and diverting burning issues,” Khera said.

He said that the BJP government is converting land of Goa to benefit their capitalist friends.

“They have converted huge land of Goa to benefit their friends. They should be stopped from marring the nature of Goa. We will protect ecological balance and biodiversity of Goa and its identity. We are proud of Goa’s identity, which is also hailed across the world,” he said.

“BJP is finishing the biodiversity of Goa. If we want to protect Goa then BJP should be defeated. PM Modi had promised mining resumption, but he failed,” Khera said.

Speaking about coal transportation, he said that Modi is trying to convert Goa into a coal hub, which will have an impact on the health of people.

“Do we want to make Goa a coal hub? Goa is the jewel of India. Do we want to convert Goa into to coal,” he questioned.

He said that MLAs who change sides, betray voters and hence there is need to make anti defection law stronger.

“BJP has made a mockery of democracy by importing MLAs and weakening the opposition. Hence we have decided to make the Tenth schedule strong. Thus elected MLAs who change sides will be disqualified once he/she switches party. Once this is done BJP will have no governments in States, which are formed by encouraging defections,” he said, adding once Anti Defection Law is strengthened nobody will think of switching parties.

“BJP leaders should be asked about anti defection law. They will not dare to answer it,” he said.

“Modi waived off 16 lakh crore of his friends and has failed to recover 6 lakh crore of cess. Modi wants to form a government again only for these capitalists and not for common people,” he said.

He said that Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna, the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, is involved in sexual harassment and has fled to Germany after SIT has been formed.

“There are 2900 obscene videos. It is the biggest sex crime in the world. Though Prime Minister Modi was aware of his crimes, he campaigned for him. This is unacceptable, that BJP stooped so low to gain power,” he said.

He said that once Congress forms government, 30 lakh jobs in government departments will be filled. “We are trying to give Nyay to everyone who are suffering in this country. Farmers are committing suicides, crimes are taking place against women. We want to stop it,” he said.

He said that BJP has fielded Crony capitalists candidate in South Goa, who will work in the interest of Modi and his friends. “She should be defeated. Goa needs representatives who can think of state, youths, farmers and common man and not of Modi’s capitalist friends,” he said.

He said that Modi is trying to change the constitution and hence they have given a slogan of 400 paar.

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