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BJP’s Commitment to Minority Development Affirmed by Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho Ahead of Elections



In a press conference held at the BJP’s Panaji headquarters, Transport Minister Shri Mauvin Godinho delivered a comprehensive overview of the BJP’s stance on minority issues and its developmental initiatives in Goa. Contrary to the narrative propagated by the Congress, Godinho asserted that the BJP stands firmly for the progress and welfare of all communities, including minorities.

Highlighting concrete examples of the BJP’s efforts, Godinho pointed out the significant strides made in minority education. He revealed that over the past decade, under BJP governance, scholarships for Muslim students have tripled, demonstrating the party’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all segments of society.

Moreover, Godinho underscored the BJP government’s proactive engagement on international platforms to address the needs of minority communities. He cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s discussions with Saudi Arabia to increase the quota for Muslims undertaking religious pilgrimages, reflecting the government’s dedication to facilitating religious practices.

Godinho also lauded the BJP’s focus on infrastructure and development projects in Goa, particularly during significant religious events such as the exposition held at Old Goa. He credited former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for his exemplary arrangements during the exposition and highlighted the current Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant’s allocation of substantial funds for infrastructure improvements at the event.

Addressing concerns raised by Goans living abroad, Godinho expressed confidence in the government’s ability to address issues related to Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards and dual citizenship. He reassured the community that their interests are being considered at the highest levels of decision-making.

Furthermore, Godinho emphasized his personal admiration for Prime Minister Modi, transcending party lines. He praised Modi’s leadership and vision for Goa’s development, noting the Prime Minister’s passionate commitment to the state.

In the context of the upcoming elections, Godinho exuded confidence in the BJP’s electoral prospects, predicting significant victories in both the north and south Goa constituencies. He attributed this optimism to the overwhelming support from the electorate and contrasted the BJP’s active campaign efforts with the apparent absence of senior Congress leaders in Goa.

Concluding his remarks, Godinho highlighted the BJP’s innovative approach to addressing environmental concerns, citing the efficient transmission of electricity to Goa without pollution. He also took a swipe at the Congress, criticizing their track record of incomplete projects and contrasting it with the BJP’s record of tangible progress.

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