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Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar takes door to door visits ward wise post-election to thank people for getting him elected by giving sweets



Panaji: While we have seen how leaders visit door to door prior elections, it was surprising to see an elected legislator carrying out door to door ward wise visit after elections.
In a first of its kind, Mormugao Congress MLA Sankalp Amonkar has embarked on a door to door ward wise visit in Mormugao Constituency where he along with his Councillor wife Shraddha Amonkar and his supporters visit every house to thank the people and offer them sweets as a token of gratitude.
Amonkar who was on a door to door visit at GRB Colony on Sunday, speaking to reporters said that he wanted to pass on a message that he will always be available for the people and also try and change a negative image about him that was apparently portrayed by the opppsition.
” The people had informed me in advance that they will get me elected with a good margin. Whenever I would canvass before elections, I had heard things like” Now these leaders are coming to our houses for votes, but once they win, they will not show his face and we will have to go their houses .” and this is what I want to change. I wanted to make it clear to the people that I have come to their houses even after I won elections. I have already begun this initiative three days ago and complete ward no 1,2,3 and I am in ward no 4 today I want to personally visit them and offer them sweets to tell them that I will be available for them and reciprocate their love with a box of sweets . I also want to give them confidence that even when I was not elected, I was with them and now as an elected MLA, I will be available for them at all times ” Said Amonkar
Amonkar said that many a people were shocked and surprised to see an elected MLA come to their houses after elections and we’re responding by calling him into their houses and offering sweets in return
” As I come for my second round of door to door after becoming MLA, I have got to know many of the issues that the people face and I will do my best to resolve these issues The people have reposed their faith in me and the faith they had me befor elections has now doubled .” Said Amonkar