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Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar Inaugurates long pending works of Road Hot Mixing near Swerage Plant, Baina



Panaji: Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Monday morning inaugurated the works on the hot mixing of roads near the Sewerage plant at Baina in the presence of Municipal Councillor Shraddha Amonkar, Mormugao BJP Mandal President Sanjay Satardekar, Ravindra Bhavan Baina Chairman Jayant Jadhav,Officials of Gammon India and other locals including traditional fishermen.

Speaking to media Amonkar said that the works on the road was a long pending demand of the people in the area “it is a moment of happiness for all the residents of Baina as the long pending demand has been met . The highway was proposed here way back in 1974 and it has been around 40 years that the people of Baina in wards no 7,8 and 9 did not have a road from this sewerage plant to Desterro Area. The locals including the fishermen used to travel on the mud road that was full of uneven surface and potholes . The fishermen also faced a lot of difficulty when transporting their fish from here by rickshaws . I am thankful to the BJP Government and CM Dr Pramod Sawant who sanctioned these works as part of the port connectivity project through the Gammon India company who are building the port connectivity project. ” Said Amonkar

” We had an inspection with the Gammon India officials recently and we had assured that the works will start soon and the works have finally begun and fulfilled our promise. This will be the new service road and improve the connectivity to Baina beach as well because many people would come by cars to the beach but there was no road . I am.sure that all the issues of parking facility and availability of road towards the Baina beach will be resolved and many people from across Mormugao Taluka and Goa will now be able to come to the Baina Beach ” said Amonkar

Local ward councillor Shraddha Amonkar said that many people had met with minor accidents while travelling on the mud road at Baina ” We have seen how the people faced inconvenience and many Children had fallen while walking on this road and even got injured. There were many minor accidents and people on two wheelers had fallen down on this road . The people had only one demand that the road be taken up and this was their main and only request when I contested elections as the Councillor for the second time . I had assured the people that the works will be taken up and finally it is a great moment that the works are happening after a long 25 years . I also want to thank the Government for understanding the pain of the people and taking this works on top priority ” said Amonkar

Mormugao BJP Mandal President Sanjay Satardekar said that the works had been taken after a lot of follow up “There has been a delay but there were reasons for it including the works on the port connectivity four lane flyover being taken by the Gammon India company. The BJP led by Dr Pramod Sawant has now taken a lot of development on the infrastructure and it will benefit the people , because the village or city will surely start to develop once the roads in the area are taken up ” said Satardekar

Ravindra Bhavan Chairman Jayant Jadhav said that the BJP has proved that it was a double engine government
” We have seen the most beautiful bridge and a four lane flyover taken up . We have now got a service road which will be hotmixed and improve the connectivity to Baina Beach . The Highway authority and Gammon India have done a great job and we are thankful to Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar for having taken the initiative and getting this works sanctioned and implemented ” said Jadhav