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LOP Yuri Alemao Red Flags Polluting units in Cuncolim Industrial Estate, Warns of Law & Order Issue



Panaji – Leader of Opposition & Cuncolim MLA Yuri Alemao has red flagged the high polluting units in Cuncolim Industrial Estate by sending a letter to Goa State Environment Impact Assesment Authority demanding stringent action.

High level of Pollution in Cuncolim Industrial Estate is a major health hazard for local residents. Despite repeated complaints, media reports exposing the water & air pollution cuased by the industrial units, the Authorities have turned a blind eye & allowed polluting units to continue with their operations, Yuri Alemao has stated in his letter.

I appeal to Goa Environment Impact Assesment Authority to take serious cognizance of written complaint filed before them today & act by taking stringent action against all polluting units. I hope the Authority will not compel us to protest which may result in law & order issue stated Leader of Opposition & Cuncolim MLA Yuri Alemao.

There is Water and Air Pollution in Cuncolim Industrial Estate, as various Units are not adhering to the guidelines of the Goa State Pollution Control Board and other Authorities. I have concrete information of some Units operating in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate without Environmental Clearances/Consent to Operate and do not have requisite permissions from various Authorities, informed Yuri Alemao.

In his letter to GSEIAA, Cuncolim MLA has made a categorical mention of M/s. Orange Fox Steel Pvt. Ltd. which is operating without Environmental Clearance and causing loss to the State Exchequer. There are similar Units in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate which are illegally operating and doing production beyond the capacity stated in the Consent to Operate, Yuri Alemao has pointed in his letter.

In his letter, Yuri Alemao has also highlighted the Pollution caused due to various Fish Mills in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate. People face bad smell due to dirty waste water discharged in open by the fish mills. Some of the Fish Mills pass the waste water in borewells which eventually pollute to ground water, Yuri Alemao said.

Cuncolim MLA has demanded in his letter to the Member Secretary of GSEIAA to take serious note of the issues highlighted by him and take immediate steps to stop the Pollution and also strictly act against the Industrial Units responsible for causing Pollution.