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KFC’S all new Popcorn Nachos are the Perfect Dramatic Snack for your MID-MEAL Cravings

KFC’s signature Chicken Popcorn meets crunchy Nachos to give fans an exciting and flavourful twist



July 2022: Picture this – KFC’s signature flavorful Chicken Popcorn, tender on the inside but unbelievably crispy on the outside, served on a bed of crispy Nachos, and sauced to perfection! Well, sounds dramatic, but is true! In what could be called the biggest, or rather crunchiest blockbuster by KFC India, now presenting KFC Popcorn Nachos. Complete with a masaledar twist and a zabardast climax, this newest offering is bound to get your crunch on. So why wait, KFC lovers, get your crunch on and lets KFC!Bringing together the complimentary flavours and textures of Doritos nachos, with crispy Chicken Popcorn, this is undoubtedly the best combination with nachos you ever dreamt of. Topped with two delectable sauces – masala salsa and cheesy jalapeno – Popcorn Nachos is just the right amount of drama to spice-up your snack time. What’s more is that this latest offering for KFC Fans is served in a specially-designed triangular box, dialing up the nacho-ness of this crunchy delight. Available across all KFC restaurants, while you can enjoy this product at dine-in, takeaway and delivery. In fact, when ordered on delivery, it comes with a DIY element, which means you get to choose how you want to enjoy your KFC Popcorn Nachos. Lay out the Nachos with the Popcorn Chicken and top it off with the zingy masala salsa & creamy cheesy jalapeno – just the way you like it – and get crunching.Another reason to indulge in this dramatic snack is because it comes with KFC’s 5X Safety Promise of Sanitization, Screening, Social Distancing, and Contactless service with Vaccinated teams, assuring you of great taste served safe. The newest Popcorn Nachos and your other KFC favorites can be ordered on the all-new convenient KFC app, available on Google Play and the App Store, as well as through the website ( So lights, camera, crunchy action, and let’s KFC!

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