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Karnataka native arrested for theft in hotel room

Anjuna Police have arrested one Karnataka native for theft in hotel room.



As per SDPO Mapusa Jivba Dalvi on 10.03.2023 at evening time one tourist lady lodged her complaint that unknown accused person effected entry into her room at one Guest house in Anjuna and committed theft of one iphone 12, one wallet containing cash of Rs. 2,000/-, 02 ATM Cards and other wallet containing Samsung Ear Pods, ear Phones belongs to the complainant and Adhar card of the complainant and her friend all W/Rs. 1,00,000/-
          In this connection Anjuna Police registered an theft case and investigation was taken up.
          A Police team headed by P.I. Prashal P N. Dessai, PSI Ashish Porob Police Constable Mahendra Mandrekar took swift action and accused person namely Mr Amaresh s/o Oujappa Rathod,a ge 22 yrs r/o Balutgi, Tal- Yelburga, Ps- Yelburga, Dist- Koppal, Karnataka was traced within six hours of registration of offence and all the stolen property was recovered at his instance.
The case is under investigation under the overall supervision of Shri. Jivba G. dalvi, SDPO Mapuca