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Panaji – Is Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar Minister for Extortion of Dr. Pramod Sawant led BJP Government? We demand Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take serious note of the report of “Arm Twisting” at Mormugao Port Trust, charged Congress President Amit Patkar.

This is the Business Model of BJP. Chief Minister & BJP President Sadanand Tanawade are Shareholders in the Extortion Racket & hence have maintained Silence, Amit Patkar stated.

Reacting to Media Reports on Political Interference at Mormugao Port by BJP MLA Sankalp Amonkar which resulted in delay in transportation of Bauxite, Congress President has blamed BJP for promoting “Extortion Mafia” in Goa.

It is shocking to know that Transportation of Bauxite was kept on hold for more than ten days by none other than Mormugao MLA Sankap Amonkar. Surprisingly, Government turned a blind eye, said Amit Patkar.

BJP is finding opportunity in everything to make fortunes. They have trained extortionists who collected “Haftas” from small Vegetable Vendors to big Business Houses, claimed Amit Patkar.

Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and BJP President Sadanand Tanawade are the Chief Patrons of the “Extortion Mafia” of BJP. We appeal to Goans to be alert now and teach BJP a lesson in the coming Loksabha Elections, Amit Patkar said.