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Govt converting land in Morjim to satisfy business partners: Viriato Fernandes



Panaji, April 22: Congress on Saturday alleged that the BJP government in Goa is helping their business partners by converting the orchard land to bring mega projects, which in future will deprive locals of basic necessities.

Congress leader Viriato Fernandes, while addressing a press conference, hit out at the BJP government alleging that 62 thousand square meter land at Morjim has been converted from orchard to settlement.

General Secretaries Jitendra Gaonkar and Pranav Parab were present.

“Town and Country planning department has approved this settlement though the land was orchard and the part of it was in forest and with no development slope,” Fernandes said.

He alleged that one Reddy, who is a business partner of cabinet ministers of Goa has been granted the approval at Morjim.

“Government amended sub sec 2 of section 17 of TCP. When we studied the matter, reason was given that there was an error in Regional plan 2021. This is false. Everything was ok. There was no error in this land. It was orchard land,” he said.

He said that the Agriculture bill was also amended so the non-agriculturist could buy agricultural land. “Means this government is trying to destroy our wealth,” he said.

Fernandes said that the government is encouraging real estate and not bothered by locals. “We may have no land left if orchard lands are converted. Here mega projects will come. This loot by the government is too big. That is why people call the Chief Minister ‘Property Sawant’,” he said.

He said that if such mega projects are given approvals then people will suffer to get water supply.

Gaonkar said that properties are easily converted, which will mar the existence of Goa. “Pernem taluka will suffer in future as we are already suffering from an over supply of water. There is scarcity of water, when this project comes into reality, then they too will require water. From where the government will arrange this water, when Mhadei is diverted,” Gaonkar said.

He said that even water from Tilari dam is diverted to Mopa airport. “If Mhadei is diverted then there will be no source of water left,” he said.

Pranav Parab said that land is easily converted for business pals of ministers. “We are not against development, but it should be in the proper way. From where the basic necessities will be provided,” he questioned.

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