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After Failure of “Har Ghar Nal”, Corrupt BJP Government Promoting “Har Ghar Mal” – Amit Patkar



Margao – Corrupt, Irresponsible and Insensitive BJP Government under Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant & incompetent PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral are now on a mission of “Har Ghar Mal” after miserably failing to provide “Har Ghar Jal” charged Congress President Amit Patkar.

Sharply reacting to the incident of Water Tanker carrying Sewage caught by Residents of Sancoale, Congress President has appealed to people to remain vigilant as there are no hopes from BJP Government.

I congratulate the residents of Sancoale who caught the Water Tanker filled with Sewage red handed. BJP Government is promiting Sewage Mafia in Goa, stated Amit Patkar.

There is absolutely no control on anything in Goa. PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral has openly admitted his inefficiency. Health Minister Vishwajit Rane is busy in Karnataka. It has become Free for All as Law and Order has collpased under Home Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant, Amit Patkar said.

BJP Government at the Centre and State tried to take credit by declaring Goa as 100 percent “Open Defecation Free” and 100 percent Tap Water Connected Household. Reality is both these claims have turned out to be Jumlas, Amit Patkar said.

BJP Government is now on a mission of supplying “Har Ghar Mal” (Human Excrement). People of Goa need rise and bring down this arrogant BJP Government, said Amit Patkar.

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