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Goa TMC recommits itself to be the real opposition in Goa



Reaffirming the promises and ideals of Trinamool Congress that are aimed at freeing the people of Goa from the burden of rampant misgovernance, corruption, unemployment, and the repeated failures of the BJP government, All India Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien, Goa TMC State In-charge Kirti Azad, and Goa TMC State Convenors Mariano Rodrigues and Samil Volvaiker reiterated the party’s commitment to serve the people of Goa during a press conference in Pilar.

Highlighting the repeated failures of the BJP government and raising the concerns of various sections of society, including women, youth, and netizens, Goa TMC State In-Charge Kirti Azad said, ‘The BJP government has failed to deliver all of the promises and has further destroyed the state. From environment to livelihood. Issues such as destruction of mangroves, ringing unemployment rate, and the rising crime rate in the state are shocking.’

Taking a jibe at the corrupt, inept, and inefficient Pramod Sawant-led BJP government, Azad said, ‘The BJP government made promises which it clearly can’t fulfill. The promise of providing 3 cylinders, protecting Mhadei waters, and ensuring the people of Goa are safe. They are rolling back all the promises they’ve made so far.’ Urging the leaders from all across the political spectrum, He further added, ‘I urge all the leaders to unite and join the fight to save Mhadei, even if it means that they’ve to resign from their held portfolios.’

Summarizing Goa TMC’s workers’ convention, AITC Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien said, ‘Today, Goa TMC organized its workers’ convention, and out of the 3000 people who attended, 80% are women. There is a need for change, and youth are at the forefront of the movement.’ Adding on, he said, ‘Our convention is a resounding display of the TMC’s solidarity and unwavering dedication to serving the people of Goa.

Lambasting the BJP government for failing to implement citizen-centric policies, O’Brien said, ‘It’s been exactly a year since TMC arrived in Goa. We promised to the people of Goa that every woman in Goa will be provided with 60,000 rupees directly in her bank account every year, and for the youth specifically, we introduced the Yuva Shakti card, which is a collateral-free pre-approved credit with a limit of up to Rs. 20 lahk at a 4% interest rate to every Goan youth.’ He stressed, ‘We urge the BJP government to implement our policies and ideas. The CM can take the copyright and credit as well. If they show the political will, they will be able to implement it.’

Reiterating the Party’s commitment to the people of Goa, O’Brien said, ‘We will play the role of a responsible opposition in Goa and in 2027 we will form the government. TMC is the only party which is serious in its fight against the BJP government. Under the BJP, Goa is witnessing an alarming rate of unemployment, and prices of basic commodities have shot up.’ He emphasized, ‘We are always there to raise your issues. We have 40 members in the Parliament and we will continue to raise these issues in Goa and in the Parliament as well. All our schemes have been implemented in West Bengal and we will ensure that we deliver the same here as well. We are here to stay.’

Slamming the 8 Congress MLAs who switched to the BJP, O’Brien said, ‘We had said before the elections that there’s only one party that can defeat the BJP, and it is the TMC. Those 8 Congress MLAs who the people of Goa elected are traitors. We had said this before and we are saying it again, every vote to the Congress is a vote to the BJP.’

Reminding the people of TMC’s promise to Goa, O’Brien said, ‘TMC pledged that we are here to stay and we have kept our word. Our State Convenors Mariano Rodrigues and Samil Volvaiker along with other senior leaders of the Goa State Committee are dedicated in their resolve to serve Goans unconditionally. Goa TMC is of Goans, by Goans, and for Goans.’

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