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Goa Forward Party President Calls for Dissolution of House Committee Amid Mhadei Water Dispute



Panaji: Vijai Sardesai, President of the Goa Forward Party, has strongly criticized the Government of Goa’s handling of the Mhadei water issue, labeling it as “utter callousness.” He accuses the government of surrendering to Karnataka and prioritizing political interests over the welfare of Goans.

Sardesai expressed dismay over the lack of action from the government despite warnings of dire consequences, including water shortages for the people of Goa. He called for the dissolution of the House Committee, citing its ineffectiveness and lack of sincerity in addressing the issue.

According to Sardesai, the House Committee convened only once, a year ago, which he views as a clear indication of the ruling party’s insincerity and betrayal. He urges immediate action to resolve the Mhadei water dispute and ensure access to life-sustaining water for the people of Goa.