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Goa Dairy to Compete with other Dairy Plants: Minister Subhash Shirodkar



Panaji: Minister for Cooperation, Shri. Subhash Shirodkar chaired a meeting with the Board of Directors and section Heads of Goa Dairy Corporation at Curti, Ponda yesterday and interacted with all the members and listened to their grievances and other issues related to the milk Production in Goa

Shri. Shirodkar asserted that Goa Dairy has geared up to compete and continue its business, with other upcoming Dairy plants in Goa. To enhance the production of milk in Goa and boost the sale of milk he said Goa Dairy will focus on increasing production of milk and change its marketing strategy. Almost 42 thousands liters of milk Goa dairy is collected from Goan Farmers and supplied in the market per day. There is a huge demand for Goa dairy’s milk in the market. People long for milk items like butter, cheese by Goa Dairy, he added.

Demand of Milk will be more during the upcoming festivals, he pointed and stressed the need to enhance production of milk. Goa Dairy has decided to focus on the immediate procurement of milk he said and added milk will be brought from outside Goa too. State level meetings with all the farmers have been planned to motivate and to increase production of milk

He also informed that Goa Dairy has set a target to sell almost 60 thousands liter milk per day till September.

Shri. Rajesh Fal dessai Chairman, Shri Parag Nagarsekar Managing Director including other members attended the meeting