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GMC IPHB Psychiatry Institute’s Pravin Gangurde Receives NGO Leadership Award in Nashik



Panaji: Today, the World CSR Day presented the Nashik Leadership Awards 2023 at The Gateway Hotel – Ambad, Nashik, recognizing leaders and organizations that have made a significant impact on society through their exceptional work and commitment to social change. Among the esteemed recipients of the awards is Mr. Pravin Mandakini Shantaram Gangurde from the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour of Goa Medical College (GMC). Pravin Gangurde is the  the driving force behind the renowned non-governmental organization (NGO) – Mettaa Foundation.

The Nashik Leadership Awards aims to acknowledge individuals and organizations that have brought about positive change as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. The recipients of these awards are distinguished by their impactful work and dedication to the “MAD” approach – Making A Difference – driven by passion and commitment towards creating a better society.
The selection process for these prestigious awards is rigorous and extensive. A research cell, comprising Post Graduates in Psychology, Sociology, History, and Management with over 10 years of research experience, diligently examines individuals and organizations doing extraordinary work. The shortlisted candidates are then reviewed by a Jury comprising senior professionals from various fields.

The criteria for the award include effective mobilization of resources for program and project work, incorporating ethical values, efficient management of financial and human resources, good governance practices, transparency and accountability, and active involvement in communities and environmental protection.

Mr. Pravin Gangurde’s leadership and the exemplary work of the Mettaa Foundation have earned them the coveted NGO Leadership Award citation. He has been in the field of Mental Health since 1986, developing youth leadership, Human Rights, Personality Development, as well as increasing awareness of mental health and encouraging rationality in society through organizing regular seminars. Pravin Gangurde is currently a Psychiatric Social worker in the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour in Goa Medical Collage , pursuing his M. Phil in psychiatric social work.

The Pravin Gangurde’s Metta foundation has made a remarkable impact on the lives of countless people, uplifting marginalized communities, promoting education, cultural and addressing pressing social issues. Although Pravin Gangurde could not be present personally at the award ceremony due to prior work commitments his has sent his friend Tanuj Bahalkar to receive the award.
Dr. R. L. Bhatia, the founder of World CSR Day and World Sustainability, expressed his delight in presenting the award to Mr. Gangurde and the Mettaa Foundation.

Their relentless efforts and commitment to social change have earned them well-deserved recognition.
The award ceremony, took place at The Gateway Hotel – Ambad, Nashik, and was graced by several prominent personalities, including Dr. Arun Arora, Ex-President, and CEO of The Economic Times; Professor Indira Parikh, India’s Iconic HR Leader; Dr. C. M. Dwivedi, CEO & President of Management and Productivity Consultancy Services; Dr. Saugata Mitra, Managing Director of the National Dairy Development Board Dairy Services; Dr. Sanjay Muthal, CEO of Kontempore Leadership Solutions & Services; and, of course, Dr. R L Bhatia himself.
As Mr. Pravin Gangurde received the prestigious award, the entire community of Goa and Nashik and beyond eagerly anticipates celebrating this momentous occasion

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