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Fr. Bolmax Pereira Clarifies Sermon on Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj: Expresses Regret at Misunderstanding and Controversy



Fr. Bolmax Pereira, the Parish Priest of Chicalim, has issued a clarification on the recent controversy surrounding his sermon mentioning Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. He stated that his intention was to highlight how the great national hero is revered by people of all backgrounds, transcending religion, caste, creed, and language. By attributing Shivaji Maharaj to only one religion, his stature and greatness could be diminished in the eyes of people from other faiths.

The priest expressed shock to learn that his sermon was selectively taken out of context, omitting the part where he praised Shivaji Maharaj’s valor, heroism, and his efforts to protect his people and kingdom against invaders. He believes this omission was done with malicious intent to incite anger and create enmity between communities.

Fr. Bolmax further added that if anyone was hurt due to this misunderstanding, he deeply regrets it. He hopes and prays that the longstanding bond between communities, which has existed for centuries, will be maintained and grow stronger.

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