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Fight of Save Mhadei Save Goa Front against BJP’s corporate agenda to plunder Mhadei River



Panaji: Save Mhadei Save Goa Front along with concerned citizens and several NGOs came together to fight against the BJP-led Central government’s attempt to sacrifice the Mhadei river for their own vested interests during a press conference at Panaji.

Exposing the BJP-led government’s hidden agenda Environmental Activist’ Abhijit Prabhudesai said, ‘The entire effort to divert water to Karnataka was to meet the needs of coal and power plants run by giants like Jindal, Adani and Vedanta. Thus, the fight to divert water from river Mhadie is nothing but a conspiracy. The BJP government is colluding with the industrialists’ He further added, ‘The Karnataka government wants to convert the entire Bellary belt into a power and steel plant corridor and for which water is required as an integral resource.’

Expressing his anguish, Prabhudesai said, ‘The Karnataka government claimed that they required water from Mhadai river to clench the thrust of citizens and aid local farmers and the BJP-led Goa government did not raise any objection to it. It is now that the agenda is out for everyone to see. Karnataka is diverting Mhadai water to Malprabha basin.’ He further elaborated, ‘The Central government has set up a 300 KM long ‘Steel Corridor’ for fighting large-scale coal and steel projects both in the public and private sectors at Bagalkot, Gadag, Kopal, Haveri and Bellary in Karnataka. In order to actualise the project, a large amount of coal will be needed and the Central government wants to implement the ‘Sagarmala’ scheme which is part of the ‘Master Plan’ for the Murgaon Pathan Trust (MPT)

Highlighting the link between Mhadei River diversion and coal transportation in the state, Prabhudesai pointed out, ‘Companies transporting coal from Goa want to divert Mhadai water as they require extensive amounts of water to transport coal.’ Adding on he said, ‘The BJP-led Karnataka government is a slave of the industrialists. The official documents from the Karnataka government prove that the diverted water will not cater to the needs of the farmers but only the Adani, Jindal and Vedanta industries.’ Urging Goenkars to unite in their fight to protect Mhadei, Prabhudesai said, ‘We must put aside their differences and free the government from corporate slavery and save the Mhadei river.’

Sounding a clarion call, Prof. Prajal Sakhardande said, ‘Let us come together, as one community, transcending all boundaries of religion, caste, and creed, to participate in a united effort to save the revered river Mhadei. On 12th February, Sunday at 7:30 PM , let us light a candle or diya and offer our prayers and supplications to the divine. Let us take a bowl of water representing the sacred river and share our commitment to preserve its purity and sanctity. By participating in this symbolic gesture, we make a collective appeal to the universe to bless us with the strength and resolve to save Mhadei and secure the future of Goa.’

Share your moments of pooja, dua, and prayers with the world by uploading pictures and videos on your social media platforms with the hashtag #SaveMhadeiSaveGoa. Join hands with fellow citizens and make a powerful statement of hope and unity. Let us show the world that we are a people who cherish and protect the natural blessings of our land. Let us rise to the occasion and take a stand for the future generations to inherit a better world. Let us #SaveMhadeiSaveGoa