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Department of Handicrafts, Textile & Coir provides training in Batik works and other crafts



Panaji: Several higher secondary teachers of the North district and locals underwent a month-long training on Batik works initiated by the Department of Handicrafts, Textile & Coir under its Director Arvind Bugde. The training imparted by retired official Om Prakash Verma (master craftsman) saw the attendees learning various skills of waxing right from the first layer of wax on fabric, to subsequently adding dye and applying second layer of wax, completing the crackle effect, and repeating it multiple times till final de-waxing. The finished piece created multi-coloured designs on each fabric. Each Batik process was taught by the instructor, who served the department for over 40 years and is also a State awardee. The training at Assnora concluded today.

The Department has initiated the exercise of imparting training in various skills under its domain such as weaving of kunbi sarees, handloom, etc in a bid to give an opportunity to the general public and even the employed sector to get hand-on training through respective instructors.