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Cuncolim MLA Yuri Alemao Moves Calling Attention urging Govt. to bring in Law to stop unjust practices of Widow Discrimination



Panaji : There is lot of awareness happening in the society about giving equal rights to women. Many Gram Panchayats in Goa have passed Resolutions against the unjust practices of Widow Discrimination in the State. I have moved a Calling Attention urging Government of Goa to take steps including that of bringing in a Law to stop unjust practices of Widow Discrimination. The calling attention will come up for discussion on Friday, 22nd July in the Goa Legislative Assembly if admitted by the Speaker, stated Cuncolim MLA Yuri Alemao.I appeal to all my Colleagues in the Goa Legislative Assembly to express their solidarity to the cause highlighted by me and contribute for Progressive Society in Goa, said Yuri Alemao.The Calling Attention moved under Rule 63 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business states “ Concerns in the Minds of the People to the prevalence of unjust customs of widow discrimination, widow abuse and widow isolation in the State. Though there are no registered complaints, the isolation, discrimination and abuse is taken for granted as part of custom, tradition and religious or social practice”. The Calling Attention further states that “A few Village Panchayats in Goa have taken resolutions against such outdated and inhuman customs stating that the widow should be treated on par with Married Woman. Steps be taken in co-ordination with Department of Panchayats and Goa State Women’s Commission to convene Gram Sabhas of Village Panchayats to express solidarity with widow and boost the confidence of all women against such obsolete and archaic practices and mind-set prevailing in the community. Government should contemplate on bringing a Law to stop such unjust practices”.It may be recalled that many Village Panchayats including Dhargal – Korgao, Morjim, Shiroda, Dharbandora, Ugem, Loliem, Veling-Priol, Seraulim and some others in their Gram Sabhas have passed resolutions against the Unjust Practices of Widow Discrimination. The Calling Attention by Cuncolim MLA Yuri Alemao further boost the movement in Goa.