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Congress Party Prepares Social Media Strategy for Lok Sabha Polls



Panaji: In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2024, the Congress party convened a meeting of its social media team on Sunday to develop a strategy for effectively reaching the masses. The workshop, led by Amarnath Panjikar, Chairman of the GPCC Media Department, and guided by Divyakumar Khandhar, Chairman of the Social Media team, aimed to empower party members with digital skills and enhance their ability to connect with voters.

The event was attended by various party leaders, including Virendra Shirodkar, President of the North District; Beena Naik, Mahila President; Joel Andrade, Youth President; Jaidev Prabhugaonkar, Sevadal President; and other block presidents and coordinators. Amarnath Panjikar emphasized the significance of social media as a powerful tool for strengthening democracy and reaching out to the people.

Panjikar criticized the BJP, accusing them of stifling public voices and encouraging elected representatives to defect. He urged the public to use their votes to teach such individuals a lesson and safeguard democracy. Panjikar also emphasized the need to counteract negativity and spread a message of love, especially in areas where BJP governments have propagated hatred.

Highlighting the historical contributions of Congress leaders to India’s independence struggle, Panjikar stressed the importance of showcasing the party’s role in nation-building through social media. He urged party members to base their posts on facts and truth, refraining from unnecessary attacks on individuals or parties, unlike the BJP’s IT team.

During the workshop, Divyakumar Khandhar provided guidance on effectively utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Glen Lacerda, Shamila Siddiqui, Armando Ferreira Alvares, and Rohan Naik conducted training sessions using PowerPoint presentations to familiarize the attendees with the latest trends in social media.

The workshop concluded with Divyakumar Khandhar extending his welcome and Sohan Shennai proposing a vote of thanks. A similar program is scheduled to be conducted at the South Goa District Congress office in Margao on the following Sunday.

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