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Congress Demands Strict Action Against Deceitful Tactics of Casinos Following Tragic Suicide



Panaji, June 30, 2023: In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding the casino industry in Goa, the Indian National Congress has taken a firm stance and demanded justice for the tragic suicide of Pune businessman Vikas Tingre. The Congress party has submitted a memorandum to the Director General of Police, urging for a thorough investigation into the role of two female staff members from a Goan casino who are alleged to have abetted the suicide. Furthermore, the party has called for a comprehensive inquiry into the deceitful tactics employed by casinos in the state that could potentially push financially distressed individuals to such extreme measures.

The Congress delegation, in their memorandum, underscored the urgency to address the issue of the casino industry’s practices in Goa. They have warned that if the government fails to take appropriate action and prevent further incidents, it will bear sole responsibility for any future suicides resulting from the alleged cheating perpetrated by casinos.

The tragic suicide of Vikas Tingre has brought attention to the dark side of the casino industry, prompting the Congress Party to call for stricter regulations and accountability. The party believes that individuals who fall victim to fraudulent tactics and incur significant financial losses are being left with no recourse, which can lead to devastating consequences.

While the investigation into the suicide of Vikas Tingre is ongoing, the Congress delegation has emphasized the need for a comprehensive inquiry into the broader practices employed by casinos. They seek to uncover any deceitful tactics used to exploit vulnerable individuals, driving them to bankruptcy and, in some tragic cases, suicide.

The Indian National Congress has urged the Director General of Police to register a First Information Report (F.I.R.) against the two female staff members from the Goan casino implicated in the suicide of Vikas Tingre. This step is seen as a crucial part of the demand for justice and ensuring that those involved in any wrongdoing are held accountable for their actions.

As the debate around the casino industry’s impact on society continues to grow, the Congress Party’s strong stance aims to address the concerns of citizens and hold responsible parties accountable for any deceitful practices. Their efforts serve as a reminder that protecting the well-being of individuals and preventing tragic incidents should be a top priority for both the government and the casino industry in Goa.

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