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Congress demands arrest of Cabinet Minister involved in Gold Smuggling



In the course of its ongoing endeavor to clean up Public life through drives against Corruption and black money, the Congress party has unearthed a major crime against the nation involving smuggling of Gold from a foreign country. This operation shockingly, has been allegedly masterminded by a prominent cabinet minister in the Goa BJP government along with his staff and an immediate relative. The Press conference was Addressed by GPCC President Amit Patkar and General Secretary Capt. Viriato Fernandes along with Everson Valles,Savio D’silva and Sanjay Barde at Congress House Panjim today.

Although this operation has been made to appear like simple holiday trips to Dubai and back by the minister’s personal staff from Goa, it is justifiably alleged that in reality, these trips were a front for a multi crores smuggling operation wherein Gold is smuggled by evading taxes and thus causing a huge loss to the national exchequer. The racket takes on even more ominous undertones as it is also suspected to involve certain members of law agencies thus warranting a deeper probe and investigation into the matter.

This smuggling operation has been going on for months or probably even years. Hence the Congress party strongly demands a thorough and in-depth investigation that will not only expose the entire racket, but will succeed in identifying and putting behind bars all the players including members of government agencies who may have been involved in aiding and abetting this anti-national activity.

The party has also learnt that desperate attempts are on by the Minister to use the Police in order to save himself, his family members and his ministerial staff from being subjected to a criminal investigation, and facing the resultant trial and punishment. It is learnt that the law enforcement agency is being used to silence certain people connected with the crime through threats and coercion, even compelling them to leave the state and the country.

The Congress party is convinced that the Chief Minister, also holding the portfolio of Home Ministry, has been adequately and routinely briefed by the intelligence agencies and is fully aware of this matter that concerns the nefarious activities of his own cabinet minister. If not, then it is only right and proper that he himself tender his resignation and face the probe by DRI along with his cabinet minister under the provisions of the Customs Act 1962.

The Congress party is committed to expose this clandestine anti national racket being run by people shockingly under the direct control and guidance of a prominent cabinet minister in the Pramod Sawant government. The Congress party assures the people of Goa that the party will closely watch and monitor the action taken against this crime against the nation that is damaging the economy of Bharat, India. But this is hardly surprising, since it is similar to what Mr. Adani is suspected to be doing by setting up shell companies in foreign countries and re-routing the money to cheat the national exchequer of its legitimate dues.

Unfortunately, such shameful acts have become routine under the BJP dispensations both at the centre as well the state and are responsible for eating away the wealth of the country that has been arduously built over decades during the years of Congress rule.