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Congress Condemns the Sly Role of Govt. In Protecting illegal Bunglow in Old Goa



Date: 09/02/2023
The Congress party is shocked and deeply regretful of the bitter blow dealt to the people of Goa with the order of the High Court of Bombay in Goa quashing the demolition order issued by the ASI as well as the TCP Department on grounds of not following process of natural justice.

It will be recalled that there existed only a hut in the property. Upon investigation, the bungalow fraudulently shown on the property by the owners, proved to be located in Pernem. Despite such glaring and open fraud carried out by the owners of the bungalow, and the public pronouncement by the then TCP minister that the permissions were obtained fraudulently, it is extremely distressing that the government has intentionally and knowingly collaborated with the lawbreakers by not following the process of law and helping the accused owners to escape the statutory demolition process that should have been inevitable.

It is not surprising that the government has surreptitiously succeeded in ensuring that such an order is passed. After all, the BJP is known for skirting the law when it comes to its own party members and favoured cronies.

This is not about the demolition of an illegal bungalow but a direct challenge to the community Goans in protecting our DAIZ, our heritage. The Congress party will spare no efforts in ensuring that the case is highlighted and so that this illegality is dealt with according to the law of the land and not through subversion of justice in favour of vested interests.