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CM Dr. Pramod Sawant Unveils ‘Plastic Palu’ at Miramar Beach on World Environment Day



Miramar, 4th June 2023 – In honor of World Environment Day, Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant unveiled the striking ‘Plastic Palu’ installation at Miramar Beach. The event was attended by Shri Subhash Goa, Minister for Social Welfare, and Shri Sanjit Rodrigues, G20 Nodal Officer.

The ‘Plastic Palu’ is a thought-provoking artistic display that powerfully depicts the catastrophic consequences of plastic pollution on marine life. It serves as a visual reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of single-use plastic and its detrimental impact on our oceans.

During the unveiling, CM Dr. Pramod Sawant passionately appealed to the people of Goa to cease the use of single-use plastic, emphasizing the Goa Government’s commitment to promoting sustainable marine life and safeguarding the state’s precious natural habitats.

The installation aims to raise awareness among both locals and visitors about the grave environmental challenges posed by plastic waste. By highlighting the destructive effects of plastic pollution, the ‘Plastic Palu’ seeks to inspire a collective effort towards adopting eco-friendly practices and protecting our marine ecosystems.

As part of its ongoing commitment to environmental conservation, the Goa Government encourages citizens to actively participate in initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste and preserving the pristine beauty of the state’s coastal areas.

The unveiling of the ‘Plastic Palu’ on World Environment Day symbolizes the government’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future, one that prioritizes the well-being of our environment and ensures the preservation of Goa’s natural heritage.