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Canacon’kars from various backgrounds join forces for ‘Ram Pran Pratishtha’ in Ayodhya on January 22, 2024



Canconkars are well known for their cultural/ethical values & they have proved that on many occasions in the past. Today diverse Canconkars’, spanning all castes & creeds, unite fervently for “Ram Pran Pratishtha” at Ayodhya, scheduled on 22nd Jan., 2024. Prominent figures such as Mr. Janardhan Bhandari, Mr. Vikas Bhagat, Mr. Remy Borges, Mr. Akhtar Sharad, Mr. Guru Bandekar, Mr. Sunny Costa & others converge in a powerful show of solidarity, marking a resolute stand for shared cultural values. Solidarity shown by all castes & creeds of Canacona have set an impressive example before all need to be followed by all.

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