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BJP leaders are in Benami Businesses & Property deals, Irani’s family venture in Goa exposed it: Girish Chodankar



Panaji 29 July: Former AICC Secretary Girish Chodankar on Friday stated that BJP leaders are involved in running ‘Benami Businesses & Properties’ and it has become clear after Union Minister Smriti Irani’s family run illegal restaurant in Goa is exposed. “Now Enforcement Director should step in and investigate.” He said.He was reacting to ongoing controversy on ownership of Silly Souls Cafe & Bar at Assgao in North Goa. “BJP & RSS leaders should come clear whether they support Irani family’s Benami business and the act of serving poke and beef in an illegal restaurant. Miss Zoish Irani has herself claimed to be serving poke and beef items in an interview, which is now become viral after illegal Benami Business was exposed.” Chodankar, Former Goa GPCC chief said. “On beef & pork, BJP is exposed of double standard, hypocrisy & two laws in one society. Common man is lynched on a suspicion of carrying beef. But BJP ministers can sell it,” he further said. “Smriti Irani’s family run restaurant is the best example of how BJP leaders are into running benami business & properties by forging documents and using government machinery,” He said. Chodankar said, “Though Union Minister Smt. Smriti Irani has denied that her family is running restaurant in Goa, there is sufficient circumstantial evidence about her family’s involvement in this act.” “This is an open and shut case of Benami business and fit for the investigation by Enforcement Directorate. If ED dares to arrest only one person who is designated as Superitendent of Excise Department, entire truth in this Benami matter will come to light .” He said.According to Chodankar, although the officer was aware about the death of Anthony D’gama (one who had license for restaurant) he had renewed license without insisting on Police verification, Health NOC and Notarization of the affidavit which are mandatory. For common citizens all this is difficult as they have to follow every procedure, but BJP is using the bureaucracy to subvert all rules and regulations” “The concerned officer knew very well that a dead person cannot be present before notary, doctors and police for verification and that Anthony D’ gama was already dead. But still he went ahead and renewed the license under pressure from BJP leaders. This is how BJP leader use government machinery for their vested interests and illegal deals.” He said. Chodankar also questioned why ‘restaurant ghost’ had put black sticker on restaurant board to hide ‘& Bar’? “ If everything was legal then why had they hide the same?” He asked.Chodankar said Youth Congress team led by Varad Mardolkar and Amarnath Panjikar exposed them further by removing the sticker. “I was surprised that ‘Restaurant Ghost’ did not file a police complaint of trespassing against YC team who did an excellent job.” He said.