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BJP gave inhuman treatment to IRB personnels: Congress



PANAJI: The Congress leaders on Friday demanded action against police officials involved in sending Indian Reserve Battalion personnel to Uttar Pradesh, which is almost 2000 KM away, by Kadamba bus without the facilities of serving breakfast and arrangement of toilets. The President of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Adv.Varad Mardolkar, GPCC General Secretary Janardhan Bhandari, Vivek D Silva and Saish Aroskar on Friday addressed a press conference and said that injustice has been done on IRB personnel by sending them on election duty in UP. “This Postal Ballot saga has exposed inhuman treatment given to IRB staff by BJP govt. Mismanagement of administration has forced 400 IRB staff to travel to UP, almost 2000 KM, by Kadamba without facilities of toilets and breakfast. BJP has shown its cruelty. Hence action should be taken against officers involved in sending our IRB to UP.” Mardolkar demanded. According to him, IRB should be only sent to neighboring states and not in states, which are 2000 KM away from Goa. “We condemn the act of sending this staff by Kadamba bus. They have suffered during their journey as they were not provided toilets and even not provided breakfast.” Mardolkar said. He informed that BJP govt had sent 900 IRB to UP, in which 400 had not exercised their postal ballots. Hence, to bring them to the State, more 400 staff has been sent to relieve them from UP deployment. This is mismanagement by BJP. They could have sent election officers and other concerned people to UP and carry out the postal ballot exercise, instead of sending 400 additional staff to relieve them.” He pointed out. “Now at least these 400 IRB staff, supposed to cast their vote, should be brought back by railway. So they at least do not suffer the problems during the journey.” Bhandari said.Bhandari said that the inhuman approach of BJP govt has made families suffer of these IRB staff.