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Bank ATM in Baina Dispenses Three Times Extra Cash Without Deducting From Accounts



Panaji, November 1: An ATM of a bank in South Goa’s Baina in port town of Vasco reportedly dispensed two to three times extra currency notes on Monday night.

However, bank officials later switched off the machine.

The locals said that the ATM delivered two to three times extra money without deducting it from their accounts. As news spread in the vicinity, many gathered at the ATM and withdrew their money. Later one person contacted the police, and after their intervention the ATM was closed.

“I got to know from my friend that many people had gathered at this ATM, which was delivering extra cash. Then I contacted the police and they arrived on the spot and the bank officials were summoned at the site, who later closed the ATM,” a local person told reporters.

He said that some people, who withdrew money, feared that the bank may start recovering it (money) with the help of police. It was not clear how the error occurred.