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Goa forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai welcomes govt’s move, asks to enforce law boldly against ‘nuisance’



Panaji, Nov 1 Goa Forward Party President and MLA Vijai Sardesai while welcoming the move of the state government to act against illegal activities at tourism spots, has asked to enforce it boldly.

Goa’s Tourism Department by issuing an order on Monday directed the police to take action against illegal activities, including touting, begging and cooking of food in open spaces and littering of areas in all tourist places.

The Tourism Department has asked the police to take action under Section 13 of the Goa Tourist Places Protection and Maintenance Act, 2001.

It has said that such illegal activities have damaged and deteriorated or are likely to damage or deteriorate the tourism potential of the tourist places.

Sardesai, reacting to the move of the government, said that it should not just stop by declaration of the law but follow with enforcement.

“Don’t stop at declaration. There was an uproar years ago when I first called for a halt to all such activities that kill Goa’s quality tourism. I welcome the government’s move but calling something a ‘nuisance’ will not get rid of it. The government must monitor and enforce boldly,” Sardesai, who is in the opposition, said.

According to Sardesai, these measures should not remain in papers only, but the authorities should act and give a safe environment to tourists visiting the state.

The Tourism Department has declared activities of operation of all Boating/Water Sports Activities from areas other than those permitted as nuisance.

It has also said that the process of cooking of food in open spaces and littering of areas in all tourist places, activities of touting/selling of cruise boat tickets or any other tickets of tourist activities in the open from places other than the authorized ticketing counters and offices in all tourist places as also illegal.

Activities pertaining to the beginning of ‘alms’ in all tourist places, selling of items or goods from unauthorised handcarts or movable carts and unauthorised hawkers are also termed as nuisance.

“Hawkers/agents/service providers shall not in any manner impede the free movement of tourists/cause obstructions or compel the tourist to purchase items/goods/services,” order further said.

“Violators of order shall be punishable with fine of Rs 5,000, which may extend up to Rs 50,000 or shall be liable for action under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code,” it further said.