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Appeal to BJP and Congress supporters to forget about their political ideology and give a chance to AAP this time: Arvind Kejriwal

Congress ruled Goa for 25 years, BJP for 15 years but all they did was commit scam over scam: Arvind Kejriwal



Panaji: In a unique display of political prowess, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal appealed to BJP and Congress supporters to vote for AAP. He stated — BJP & Congress supporters should forget about their political ideology and give a chance to AAP this time. Congress ruled Goa for 25 years, BJP for 15 years but all they did was commit scam over scam. BJP and Congress have no agenda for Goa’s development or for upliftment of Goans. BJP Government’s Ministers have been tainted by accusations of job scam, power scam, labour scam, ventilator scam and sex scandals. Congress faced allegations of corruption to the tune of 36,000 crores in mining but the BJP protected them for a whole decade. Congress has only helped the BJP form its government from time to time; people come to Congress, become MLAs and then are transferred to BJP. If Goans vote for BJP or Congress they’ll only get five more years to loot the public. Appeal to voters of all parties, don’t let the votes get divided this time; trust us and give a chance to AAP. When the AAP Government is formed every family will get a clear benefit of 10 lac rupees in five years. AAP Government will provide free electricity-water, free healthcare, Rs three thousand as monthly unemployment allowance and one thousand rupees to every woman every month. Vote for AAP, whatever we do will help uplift every Goan.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Today, we want to appeal to the voters and supporters of BJP, Congress and all other parties of Goa. I don’t want them to change their parties, they can stay where they are. But, for the sake of your children, for the sake of Goa, this time, please give a chance to AAP. The BJP voters gave them 15 years to lead the state of Goa. I want to ask them? What did the BJP do to uplift Goans in the last 15 years? They did nothing, I am certain. All they did in power was corruption, scams and scandals. The BJP’s Cabinet of Ministers in Goa is the most scandalous you’d hear of. One minister has been accused of a sex scandal, one of job scam, one of power scam, one of labour scam, one of ventilator scam and what not. The only other thing they’ve done is to protect the Congress party.”

He added, “When mining was shut, they argued that Congress and its ministers committed a huge scam while in power. The Shah Commission was appointed to investigate it. They were accused of looting 36,000 crores. Since then, the BJP government has completed 10 years, but they have not done anything against the Congress leaders on this. The BJP provided protection to the leaders of other parties. I want to ask the supporters of BJP that even if they give 5 more years to BJP, what will they do? They have no agenda for Goa. They don’t even have an agenda for Goan families. Once they vote for AAP and see what work we do, they will also get the benefit of it. We will build schools. Their children will also study in it. We will supply electricity for 24 hours. They will also get that electricity for 24 hours. If we give free electricity, then the BJP supporters will also get free electricity. We will build good hospitals, in which BJP people will also get free treatment. Whatever we do, everyone will benefit from it. We aren’t asking you to change your loyalties, we are asking for one chance to bring change in Goa.”

He continued, “For the past 25 years, Congress has ruled Goa. These 25 years are not small in number. If a political party wants to do something, 25 years is plenty of time. What did Congress do for Goans, the families of its own voters, and Goa during its 25-year reign? They have done nothing. Congress only did scams. Congress too protected the BJP people and the Congress helped BJP form governments. Congress has become a kind of free cadre. People join the Congress, become MLAs, and then switch to the BJP. Congress has given a guarantee to the people of Goa that we will transfer every vote of yours safely to the BJP. Congress has done nothing for Goa. I urge all members of Congress to vote for AAP as well. They have ruled for 25 years and will rule for another 5 years if they win, but nothing will change in the villages. Everything will remain the same as it is now. They have no agenda or plan for Goa’s development. Give the Aam Aadmi Party 5 years, and we will rebuild all the schools, children of Congress workers will also study there. If we supply electricity for 24 hours, that electricity will also be distributed to the members of Congress. If we give electricity for free, the members of Congress will receive free electricity as well. Whatever we do, we will do it for the benefit of everyone.”

CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “To the voters of MGP, GFP and all other parties I say please vote for AAP. Their party is not going to win. What is the use of voting for them then? They will spoil their vote. Their vote will get divided.. My appeal to the workers, supporters and voters of all the parties is that they all together stop the vote from getting divided this time. Give the Aam Aadmi Party a chance. If the Aam Aadmi Party government is formed in Goa, then every family will get a benefit of at least 10 lakh rupees in five years. This advantage will be in such a way that we will supply electricity for free. Water will be free. By building good schools, we will give the best education to the children for free. Every family will get all health facilities free of cost, all treatment will be available free of cost. Every unemployed person will get a 3 thousand rupees per month unemployment allowance and every woman will get one thousand rupees every month. Adding all this together, comes down to two lakh rupees in a year and every family will benefit up to 10 lakh rupees in five years. That’s why I will appeal to the supporters of all parties including Congress, BJP that you can stay in your party, but this time all of you together must vote for AAP.”